Hello! Thank you for checking out this blog. Middle school can be a time of building friendships, gaining more independence, and more responsibilities. As a child and adolescent mental health counselor, I understand that children may have difficulty adjusting to the middle school environment and other stressors. Parents often request information from me about how to help their children through difficult times. I hope this blog serves as an educating, normalizing, and supportive resource for both parents and kids. My goal is to provide food for thought pertinent to child and parents needs. If there is a topic of interest to you, please drop me a note!

About Me:
I am a licensed master social worker (LMSW) providing mental health services to students referred to the Bright Changes program at Tapp Middle School. (For information about Bright Changes program or possible referral, please speak with your students school counselor). I am licensed with the state of Georgia to provide therapeutic services. I received a Master of Social Work degree in 2012 from Kennesaw State University and Bachelor of Science in Human Services (2010) from Kennesaw State University.

I truly love working with children, teens, and their families. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to not only provide services to others, but to learn from them too. I work under systems and strengths-based frameworks- meaning that I understand that there are typically multiple influences to maladaptive behaviors and in every person there are strengths to be built upon. Let your light shine 🙂

Brittany R. Montgomery, LMSW


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