I love this video. Please consider sharing with your girl(s). Positive self-esteem involves an understanding that you are not lesser than anyone else. 🙂


Teen-Teen Relationships

Tips for Teens to Seek Healthy Relationships


By: Victoria DeLira

teenWhen entering puberty and their teenage years, many teens begin to consider relationships. Often they may have friends who are already in or have been in relationships. Although some teens may be convinced they have found “the one,” having even a healthy relationship can cause stress. When entering a relationship, it is important to consider the time, energy, and commitment a relationship requires. It is also important to enter a relationship only if there is respect between the two partners. The age at which teens begin to have their first relationships varies for everyone. Sometimes, a teen may see that their friends are already having relationships and they may feel that they also need to be in a relationship so that they can be on the same boat as everyone else. These friends, whether they mean to or not, are pressuring the single teen(s) to enter a relationship…

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